On this site we are going explore and tell the story of “Copy Protection vs Disk Copiers and the Commodore 64”. This was a time when disk protection was always evolving and those who developed the disk copiers were constantly writing the copier or parameters that would allow us to make a working backup or remove the protection completly. We will also explore the hacker scene, copier parties, mail swapping, bbs, and more. Thru personal accounts, interviews and articles we hope to share a unique time that really hasn’t been seen since. Many of these individuals today are major software developers. What can’t be in print will be shared on my videos series, covering copy protection, disk copiers and some of the latest digital tools in use. The Commodore 64 is going strong today and we will explore how copy protection affects digital preservation. We hope it will be informative and a fun experience. Please leave a comment, feedback it is always wanted and appreciated.

Here is article I wrote for Microbyte Magazine which I helped produce on Archiving vs Piracy.

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