Parameter Cross Reference for the C64

In the mid 1980’s the Commodore market was flooded with disk copiers, it was hard to decide which copier to purchase to make a back up of a users software.  In 1986 Edward Malang had an idea for a solution to this problem.

The spring of 1987 the Original Parameter Cross Reference for the C64 was released.

1st edition was published in 1987 by E.A. Mallang III in Everett, Wash.

Dewey Decimal Class   005.265

Library of Congress  QA76.8.C64 M35 1987

The book has two columns – right column lists software title and manufacturer while the right column lists the various copiers to make a backup of the title.  Volume 1 released with just over a 1000 listings of popular C64 programs.   New updates were released on a quarterly bases on disk or paper.  There was even a subscription for monthly updates. 

From 1987 to 1990 a total of eight volumes were produced but only 7 were released to the public.  I was given Volume 8 (which contains over 10000 listings) by Mr. Malang.  In the fall of 1989 I contacted Mr. Malang and had a long pleasant phone conversation with him.  During our conversation I asked a number of question about Parameter Cross Reference for the C64.  I owned Volume 1 and was very familiar with the product and had seen other Volumes.  Anyway during the conversation he ask me if I would like the manuscript for Volume 8 and a bunch of original disk copiers.  I was flattered by the offer and said yes. About a week later I received a package that contained Volume 3, 4, the manuscript for Volume 8 and a bunch of original disk copiers. 

In 2006 I went to a Commodore Convention in Chicago to talk about copiers / copy protection.  I mentioned the Parameter Cross Reference and wished there was a way to share Volume 8.  A gentleman offered to scan it, create a pdf and upload it to his site for free to share.  That gentlemen’s nickname is Bombjack who runs DLH’s Commodore Archive…  This site has the largest documentation for the Commodore there is.  Link is on my site.

My presentation at ECCC 2006 VCFM/ECCC 2015 Me and Bombjack

A disk based version was available if you did not want the book and it was updated on a regular basis. Where the book was released around twice a year. Edward sold the rights of the last disk of The Parameter Cross Reference Library to Software Support International (Creator of Renegade/Maverick) later in 1990. Here are afew images of the original disk and software Support Disk. Everything else remained the same. This is the Fall 1990 Version 7.0, which contains over 10,000 parameter/copier listings and represents approximately 85 products.