Parameter Cross Reference Library Interview

 In the spring of 1987 the Original Parameter Cross Reference for the C64 was released.

 1st edition was published in 1987 by E.A. Mallang III in Everett, Wash.

Dewey Decimal Class   005.265

Library of Congress      QA76.8.C64 M35 1987

What follows is that phone conversation I had with Edward Mallang back in Fall 1989. 

How did you start this project?  I felt there was a need for a copier cross reference  to aid users in making a legal backup of their software.

Did you do all of the testing yourself?  No I had help

How did you test so many programs?  Initially it was a lot of work and once the initial testing was done as new releases/updates came out, it was relativity easy to keep up. The Copiers were tested but a majority of parameter disks were not. When form of protection were developed and method to copy the protection was released. These first parameters or methods were tested to create a backup.

How did this series sell? Sold well enough to produce 7 released volumes and 3 disks.

Why did you stop at Volume  #7?  For the record there as to be Volume 8 but was never released to the public, only Volume 7.  Sadly the C64 market was starting to drop off and there were only afew companies left producing copiers.  For example Renegade offered a full suite of copiers, utilities and parameters.  There was a Super Card which had a full suite of copiers and a user could create their own parameter.

Is there any one copier you preferred ?  No not really this project was work with testing and updating the list.

 Did you have to purchase  all of the copy programs?  No the companies provided copies for us to test.  In order to be included in the book the copier and its parameters had to work.  A majority of the time copiers were returned in exchange for the latest version.  We did purchase a number of parameter disks.

Did you ever consider adding Action Replay or ISEPIC, etc to the copy list? I never considered the carts because the carts were a limited copier verses disk copiers which offered a full set of utilities and parameters.

In the late fall of 1989 in Run Magazine there was an ad for Parameter Cross Reference for the C64. A phone number was listed and gave Edward Mallang a phone call. A very nice gentleman answered the phone. I introduced myself as being big on the scene of disk copiers and expressed interest in purchasing the latest Volume. During our conversation I asked a number of questions about the Parameter Cross Reference for the C64.  I owned Volume 1 and was very familiar with the product and had seen other Volumes. He then ask me if I would like the manuscript for Volume 8 which was never going to be published and a bunch of original disk copiers.  I was flattered by the offer and said yes. About a week later I received a package that contained Volume 3, 4, the manuscript for Volume 8 and a bunch of original disk copiers. 

After looking for almost 30 year finally tracked down Parameter Cross Reference Volume 09. You can download it at the Bombjacks Website at