Non Disk Copy Protection

Software Companies wanted to prevent users to copy there software. Micropose was one of the leading software developers for the Commodore with titles like F15 Strike Eagle, Kennedy Approach, Pirates, Stealth Fighter, Airborne Ranger and Gunship. May of these titles had two forms of protection – on disk protection and lookup protection. If the incorrect code was entered many of the fuctions of the programs were not accessible.

The was one of the first titles published by Micropose .
Here is Code sheet with instructions above.

Micropose specialized in realistic simulations for the Commodore 64. Kennedy Approach a Air Traffic Controller was no exception to this rule. This had both disk and look up protection. Code sheet for your Air Traffic Controller shift.
Software was still being developed for the Commodore 64 till the mid 1990’s and still had some form of protection. In 1992 one such title Die Hard 2 – Dieharder. This was a side scroller where use controlled it with a joystick – eliminating enemies and obstructions. Before playing a code was entered for arrival of flight.
Here is the instructions with codes at bottom.